Thankful for food

Give Thanks (free clip art)

Give Thanks (free clip art)

I’ve noticed a lot of people have been complaining about the economy. So many friends have lost their jobs. It is really quite scary. I keep hearing on the news that unemployment is going up or going down, but I know that the figures that they use are not reflective of the true unemployment picture. There are a lot more people out there that are unemployed. And that is a very scary thing. This Thanksgiving it is hard for a lot of people to be thankful. They are losing their jobs and their homes. And the social programs that are supposed to be helping them have so many hoops to jump through that it is very discouraging. Well, this Thanksgiving I have to say that we have to look harder for things to be thankful for. Like a meal on our plate and a home to live in. And a prayer that things improve sooner rather than later!

Family Time Golfing at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach (free clip art)

Myrtle Beach (free clip art)

I just got wind of my parent’s plan to take me, my brother and my sisters to Myrtle Beach next summer. My mother has asked me to do a bit of research on the Internet and find what I think would be the perfect Myrtle Beach hotel for us all to stay out for the week. She wants to announce the plan at the Thanksgiving dinner that she is hosting next week and she would like to have a few details worked out before announcing it in order to be able to answer some of the questions that everyone is bound to have concerning it all.

I’ve never been to Myrtle Beach so I was surprised to see how big it is and how many wonderful resorts in Myrtle Beach there are to choose from. We are all avid golf players so it would be the perfect opportunity to get in a few rounds of golf in with the entire family, something that we haven’t been able to do in such a long time. With everyone so spread out and with every one’s busy schedules these days trying to plan something like this really is a challenge. But since our folks are springing for the whole thing I would like to think that everyone will make an extra effort to make it all happen and hopefully have a great time together.

Guess we will see how it all pans out next Thursday afternoon. It is a chore trying to please everyone, but I’m giving it my best shot.

25,000 Ping Pong Balls

Guest post by Sandy Struesel

And I thought my apartment was small and cleverly decorated until I saw this picture on today. This 90 square foot apartment belonging to Daniel Arsham, in Brooklyn is making headlines. In case you haven’t seen it I thought that I’d post it here.


A few days back in the break room at work the subject being discussed was the retargeting advertising that so many online companies are relying on. Since I wasn’t familiar with the retargeting concept I didn’t partake in the conversation but I did a lot of listening and then did a bit of research on the subject before heading home for the day.

Recrue Media is one of the top retargeting companies and their website is an interesting one to check out. They have a good video on You Tube that helps explain what retargeting is all about so I embedded the video here for anyone who might be interesting in learning more about it and their company as well.

So now that I know a bit more about the retargeting subject I will feel more comfortable and can participate in any future discussions about the issue, which is a good thing. I hate feeling like a dummy and sometimes asking questions isn’t an option that I’m comfortable with certain people. I was brought up that the only stupid question is the question not asked, but not everyone feels that way and it sucks being ridiculed in front of other people for asking.

He’s a real nut-job

I am normally not a big fan of the comedy of Mr. Bean. In short bursts, I think he is funny, but I just cannot sit through an entire movie of his. Just way too much slap-stick type of comedy. And I’m not a big fan of slap-stick. So I was surprised when I went onto my facebook account and found one of my friends had posted this video of Mr. Bean, telling me it is really funny. I debated about watching it, but eventually went ahead and watched it. Yes, it IS funny, if you like slap-stick. Maybe I just have to be tipsy to enjoy it as much as my friends seem to enjoy it.