Places to Spend an Afternoon With the Kids

Coming up with ways to entertain the children can be difficult, especially on days where they don’t have school. The key is to find a location that not only keeps them occupied, but also allows you to enjoy yourself. The following locations can accomplish this.

The Zoo

Most kids love an afternoon at the zoo. Once there, they can interact with the animals, run around, and even ride on the train. Places like Binder Park Zoo are extremely child-friendly and are sure to keep your kids not only entertained, but active for the entire day. You can even rent wagons and scooters if your kids get tired of walking.

The Park

Of course, you could always take your kids to the park for a few hours. They are sure to have a good time using the playground and running around once there. The main problem with the park is that there aren’t any activities for you, so bring a good book to read.

Swimming Pool

You could bring your kids to a public swimming pool or to a friend’s house, if you are lucky enough to know someone with a pool. Remember, however, that you will have to keep an eye on the kids the entire time, so pool tips are rarely a relaxing activity for parents.

Planning My Costume

With Halloween on my mind, I spent some time looking at different costumes, masks and props to get an idea for my costume this year. We are supposed to dress up for work, and I also like to dress up for answering the door when the trick or treaters arrive. At the moment, I’m leaning toward a Dr. Frankenstein and all I have to do is buy some scrubs or a doctors lab coat.

My thought is to wear a long lab coat, some dark pants and to get a wig and some fake oversized black rimmed glasses. Then I will smear some read paint all over the front of the coat and down the sleeves. It would be great of I could find a small Frankenstein head or doll to carry around with me.

The only thing I don’t know about is the color of the medical scrub pants and the shoes. I think the doctors and nurses wear some kind of shoe covers over their clogs or running shoes. I have to look into that – maybe even take a quick trip to one of the nearby hospitals and look at the doctors in the hallway so I can see what the real doctors wear for pants and shoes.

Tourist season

Today tourist season is officially over! The residents of our beautiful state can finally get back to the peace and quiet we love so much now that the vacationers have gone home. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the summer residents, and I’m friends with many of them. But it is very nice to be able to sit out on the back deck and watch the pond with absolutely no jet skis or motor boats anywhere in sight! I can now listen to the loons and watch the calm reflections of the trees by the shore. One of my favorite times of year.

Why the Theater is Important

Nearly every city or town in the United States has a theater. These venues are usually reserved for plays, musicals, and concerts that are too small for a full-sized arena. These venues are extremely important because they provide a location for acting to be presented in its purest form.

Social Events

The theater is, and has always been, a social place. Once you arrive, you can meet and mingle with like-minded people. You can also plan to meet your friends at the venue and go out for drinks after the performance. A visit to the theater is only the start of a night out on the town.

Reflect on Ourselves

Depending on the theater, the play being shown causes us to reflect on ourselves. There is something special about seeing the powerful performance of a well-written play. This can actually be life changing for some people, as it opens them up to new ideas that they otherwise might have ignored.

Contribute to Education

When schools get involved and take children to the theater on field trips, it helps contribute to the education system. This can also promote literacy by encouraging children to read the stories that they have witnessed firsthand. You never know, the next generation of playwrights could be inspired at a local venue.