Date Night at the Bowling Alley

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

As a single, 32 year old man, who has never been married or even engaged, I have been on my fair share of dates. These occasions have run the gamut from the painfully, soul-wrenchingly awkward, to gut-busting, laugh out loud, butterfly-in-stomach blisses of instant chemistry and attraction. What I have learned from my experience on the dating scene is this: Location and activity are crucial! The Bowling Alley has become my domain for first dates. Not only can I have a drink (or several depending on the quality of the date), but the atmosphere is loose and doesn’t add to the inherent discomfort of being on a date with a virtual stranger. The activity itself is entertaining, and often serves as an excellent catalyst for flirting and friendly competition. I love finishing the first game with my date and being hungry to start the next one for revenge or bragging rights. Our local bowling alley, Sycamore Lanes, also has an incredible in-house DJ (the owner’s son) who plays Sam Cooke and The Temptations (excellent feel-good date music) and disco bowling. When I set my home Alarm systems information, and head out into the night for a date at the bowling alley, I feel like the situation is in my favor.

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  1. Wendy

    Maybe if this guys’ name was not Cheryl he would have more luck getting dates and finding a good woman. Just sayin . . . lol

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