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Leaf peepers

This is the time of year when the roads are full of leaf peepers. The foliage is at full color, and it is spectacular! I am always surprised to see so many tour buses full of people who have come “from away” to drive around and see our foliage. I have to admit that when I stop to look at it, the colors are so vibrant and beautiful that it is hard to not “love” this season – at least for a few days! But when we get a good wind-storm, all of the beauty will ripped from the limbs and on the ground. Then a period of stark, gray, nakedness will be the view until the snow covers the earth with it’s white sparkly blanket.

Credit savvy

One of the things that really aggravates me is how so many credit cards send out balance transfer offers, suggesting that you use the checks for debt consolidation. The reason that it aggravates me is that if you use one of those checks for debt consolidation, it ends up hurting your credit rating. Once your credit rating is hurt by that, the credit card companies use that as an excuse to either cancel your cards completely, or raise your interest rate. 

This kind of credit counseling process certainly makes it harder for the consumer to get out of debt! So I would like to urge everyone to take some time and either research the facts over the Internet or talk to a professional financial adviser. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to protecting your credit, and getting out of debt! And in this economic turmoil we are still in, protecting your credit rating is more important than ever!

A nice walk while chasing a ball

I can remember as a child vacationing at my parent’s riverfront cottage on the edge of a golf course. My brothers and sisters and I used to walk through the wooded edges of the golf course and find the abandoned balls that golfers had hit in the rough. Then we would walk the course and throw the balls as far as we could towards the holes. Thus began my interest in golf! 

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations from my golfing friends and co-workers. Their raves about them have really made me interested in checking out the various vacation packages and see if there are any that I could afford to take. I certainly wouldn’t mind taking a nice vacation on the seashore and spend some time lazing about on the beach, taking in a few shows and play a few rounds of golf.

What a wonderful luxury

Erica was telling me that she spent last weekend with her new boyfriend Ray at his weekend cottage. She said that he had a wonderful Swim Spa in a room off of the master bedroom that was amazing. She said that in addition to having the traditional water jets that give you bubbles and a massage, it also had a  water treadmill!  I’ve never seen any Swim Spas with a treadmill in it! 

I’ve been in several spas before on vacations, but never got one for our own house because I don’t want to have one outside, and I don’t have room inside. Besides, I’m not sure that I can afford a higher electric bill at this time! 

I think that exercising in a heated pool is a wonderful idea, the low-impact exercise is really good for people who have health issues. And the extra resistance that the water provides makes the workout more effective. Having a spa pool like that would be a terrific luxury to have!

Hard to let go

Sometimes I worry that I keep too many things from my past. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not such a big hoarder that I’d show up on those hoarder television shows! But I am, admittedly, a packrat. I just find it difficult to let go of things that I’ve owned. I don’t understand how I can be so sentimentally attached to so much stuff!

I’ve been trying to weed out some of the things that my kids have outgrown. I’m finding it hard because I keep thinking that the classic kids toys would be something that would be good to hang onto in the event any grand children or grand-nephews/nieces might drop by and need some kind of activity to keep busy.

And as much as my son loved his Ghostbuster action figures I’m a little bit attached to them just because of the memories of watching him play with them for hours on end!

I do think that I can donate, or freecycle some of the old ride on toys; at least the ones that I picked up at lawn sales. But the cute little John Deere tractor that was given brand new and is still in great shape, well …. I just don’t know. I think part of my reluctance to get rid of these things is the thought that they don’t really belong to me – they belong to my children! And I can remember how very upsetting it was for me whenever my mother threw away my toys. I guess that just made me feel powerless, and I don’t want my kids to have that feeling.