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It’s all about comfort

I’ve never been a slave to fashion. I’d prefer to be comfortable! I love the comfort of my hush puppies shoes – whether they are “in” or not. I can remember that they were the very first pair of shoes I ever bought that didn’t hurt my feet! I’ve been a loyal customer ever since! My favorite style are what my friends all called “desert boots.” Looking for the “real name” of the style all I can find is that it is called a suede boot. Regardless, it was the most comfortable shoe in the world! 

Patagonia fleece is another one of my “comfort” items to wear. It is so soft and warm and cuddly. When I wear fleece I don’t want to take it off! And lately I’ve traded in my old fashioned shoulder strap purse for a leather backpack purse. I really like being able to sling it on my back, (which evenly distributes the weight) and stop fussing with the strap sliding off my shoulder! Yes, casual comfort is definitely my style!

Raising an Adopted Child: How to Defray the Costs

Raising a child is expensive, but adoptive parents have additional costs to worry about, including adoption fees and sometimes counseling to help the family adjust to the new addition. Organizations want to encourage people to adopt, so there are ways to lower your out-of-pocket costs. Request assistance for living expenses from an adoption support center and learn all about your options.


There are numerous foundations that provide financial assistance to adoptive parents. The qualifications for applicants differ for each one. For example, there’s a homestudy grant for adoptive parents that plan to homeschool their children. Let an adoption support center help you navigate the available grants so you can apply for all those for which you qualify.

Tax Credits

You can spread a federal and some state adoption tax credits over a period of up to five years after you adopt the child. This is especially helpful if you could use a little extra cash for food, clothing and housing costs as your child grows as opposed to when you’re trying to pay one big adoption fee. What you can’t get through tax credits, you may also be able to ask for in a low-interest loan.

Adoptive parents don’t only qualify for help when adopting the child. They can also get assistance as they raise their children. Take advantage of these so you can save more for your child’s future.

Internet A Powerful Tool

It seems that most people are related to or are close to someone who is experiencing serious health issues or a major disability. The Internet has brought a good amount of attention to a lot of these issues and it can be a powerful tool in learning all you can about these health issues.

I’ve learned of a great MS site that can be found. They have a good amount of Multiple Sclerosis News to read and learn from. They talk about a strong Multiple Sclerosis Exercise routine and of course they have information on decent Multiple Sclerosis Diet suggestions. Exercise and Diet are both important for everyone, ill or not.

If you know anyone experiencing Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms I would encourage them to check out this site and see if it has anything to offer them. Knowledge is power, and the Internet gives us all that power hope someone out there can use it.

My father loved to eat nuts

My father loved to eat nuts. He was one of those people who was always reading about what kinds of foods are healthy for you, and what foods are not healthy for you, and he insisted that nuts were “good food.” I used to tease him all of the time that “you are what you eat” and I would give him a can of nuts for his birthday, Christmas, and Father’s Day. Of course I would usually give him something else too, but he loved cashews and macadamia nuts the best.

Once my father passed away, it seems as if the only time that I would buy nuts would be for stocking stuffers for my kids and my hubby. My hubby loved mixed nuts, and of course macadamias, and my kids were always partial to macadamias as well. Have you ever priced macadamia nuts in the retail stores? They are crazy expensive! So when I found out about a website that specializes in nuts, and about their wholesale prices, I went to their little search field and typed in “macadamia nuts.”

Within seconds I was directed to a page where I was able to pick from raw macadamias in the shell, raw diced macadamias, raw shelled macadamias, and roasted and salted macadamias. If I recall correctly, I’ve only eaten raw macadamias one time, and they were so bland that I really did not see how and why these little nuts would rate being so coveted, and so expensive. That was on my trip to Hawaii, back around 1984, where we found places that sold macadamia nuts at a real discount.

Once I popped the roasted and salted macadamia nut into my mouth, though, I was hooked. Macadamia nuts are my all time favorite nut too. So now that I have found a place where I can buy a full pound of them for only twelve dollars, I can tell that I am going to be enjoying them a lot more often.