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Alternative Means

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

Several years ago, my husband was introduced to a group of investors who were trying to secure financing and capital to buy into alternative energy companies. This company originated in Holland where there is huge use of windmills as a form of alternative energy. These turbines can be expensive to manufacture and position, but in the end, they may a safe, clean energy source that has yet to be tapped into in our county. I was absolutely astounded when he approached me with this proposal. I have never really thought about alternative energy other than nuclear energy. This particular source scares me with the potential for dangerous environmental impact as well as dangers to human health. Harnessing wind energy, however, is totally safe to both the environment and people. As the trend to “go green” continues, I hope that such safe alternatives become possible choices for Americans. When we moved to Texas, we logged on to Bryan, TX – Are you looking to save on electricity because we were looking for alternatives for our own energy consumption. We were pleased to see that we had choices as consumers in who our carrier would be.